Brief instructions for working with the KazNEB portal

On the main page of the Portal, you can make a simple search, go to the advanced and full-text search page, view collections, go to the section "Online catalogues of libraries of Kazakhstan".

In order to perform a simple search in collections, you need to enter the search criteria in the input field located in the header of the Portal page

In order to perform an advanced search, you need to click on the "Advanced Search" link. When you click on the "Advanced Search" link, the advanced search page is displayed. In the search expression input area, the user can select one of the logical operators "and", "or", "not" using the Radiobutton element.

By clicking on the "Add Line" hyperlink, the system should display a line for selecting a search parameter and entering a search expression.

In order to perform a full-text search, you need to click on the link "Full-text search" and enter the search criteria.

When you go to the "Search Results" section, a page with search results is displayed.

On the search results page, the user:

can refine the search results,

view the full bibliographic description of the publication by clicking on the title of the publication,

• download the edition,

• view the publication online