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Diversified development

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Diversified development [Text] : Making the most of natural resources in Eurasia / Indermit S. G., Izvorski I., Eeghen van W. ; The World Bank... – Washington : The World Bank, 2014. - 373 p., tables, figures; . – Bibliogr. at the end of chapters . – [n. c.] – 978-1-4648-0119-8, 978-1-4648-0120-4

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Management of the economy of Eurasia


This report assesses the economic performance of Eurasia since the early 1990s and its prospects looking ahead. The report’s main message is that countries in the region are benefiting from natural resources, and they will continue to do so if Eurasia’s economies become more efficient—that is, if they grow more productive, create jobs in private enterprises, and reduce economic volatility



Indermit S. G., Izvorski I., Eeghen van W.


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